Tuesday 2 April 2013

Glory of Indian Cricket

ON the same day in 2011 around 10:46 pm, Team India once again ruled over Cricket world after 1983 when Dhoni hit a SIX over long on to Kulasekara in Final at MCA Stadium vs Sl and also became no. 1 Odi team. Then very soon tears of joyous were rolling out from every Indian and Indian team supporters whether living in India or not, even each member of team India were also in a new saga. It was the day that Every Indian don't want to forget till their last breathe and Crowd were cheering for their champs, those fullfilled the dream of "To Bring World cup in India".
Indian team members like Raina, Yuvi, Virat, Bhajji taken Sachin & Garry Sir up and moved them up around the Ground.
The Heros of the World cup 2011 were every Indian team member but most were Gauti, MSD, Virat and Yuvi. Yuvi also faliciated as 'Man of the Tournament' for his Outstanding performance throughout the entire world cup.
They did it for the God of Cricket Sachin. May be, the "thank You" word is not enough to appriciate their effort but atleast i have to be use.
Thank You team India & Garry Sir for giving and feeling those timeless glouries moments. 

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