Sunday 19 May 2013

Spot-Fixing in IPL !

Till this thrusday morning, all of us were enjoying IPL as usual but
that day, in a few minutes everything had been changed as the arrest
report by Delhi police of Sreesanth, Chavan and Chandila along w/
bookies had been spreaded on every tv channels. And put  charges of
"spot-fixing" on them. Clouds of spot fixing overcasted over IPL.
Suddenly The day was turned in one of the darkest day for cricket.
Delhi police settled them in jail for investigation. Then the war of
statements from ex-cricketers, Rajasthan team management and Bcci were
started off. After such few hours N. Shrinivasan, head of BCCI came in
front of media and released a statement, "we ll co-operate delhi
police in any manner and we have zero tolerance for spot fixing. So
there ll a tough punishment for accused. IPL is the biggest league of
the world." all accused ppl confesed and accepted their mistakes.
Sreesanth, a talented player who has been a part of world cup winning
team almost ended his career himself just for some cash. His lawyer
said "he is innocent and lonely in life"and father said "MSD and
Bhajji ruinned my sons career" ! Does he really innocent or msd said
him to do this ? Well Sree only can give the responce of this
question. I'm feeling very sorry for the Rajasthan skipper Rahul
Dravid, who distressed by Sreesanth on which he believed from core of
his heart.

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